Sayfa Görseli

Our Story


Entering the cheese industry with a small cheese shop in Eminonu in 1965, Muratbey opened its first production plant in 1992. When the flavor of natural milk and Muratbey's innovative identity were combined, the resulting quality and unique products changed the perception of cheese in Turkey.

In Muratbey, while cheese with traditional flavor is meeting with modern technology, the local features are maintained and the risk of monotony of a large cheese business is avoided. Muratbey keeps in mind the expectations of flavor of the consumers while producing quality products with a modern technology and has proved this with its ambition, ‘Flavor matters!’, in its field.

Expanding in foreign markets in 2008 and registering its brand in about 60 countries in 2014, Muratbey represents the Turkish cheese selection in world markets with pride. Exporting to several countries including in particular the U.S., Japan, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, Muratbey promotes the Turkish cheese to the world cuisine with a wide selection.

With a selection of over 300 products, Muratbey reaches 30 thousand points of sale everyday across Turkey with its 35 thousand square-meter enclosed production plant, over 400 employees and 700-ton milk production capacity per day, and aims to ensure that more people consume healthy products produced with healthy milk. 

Muratbey carries on environmentally responsible production, strives for energy saving and zero chemical waste in production, and continues to be a leader and set an example in the industry not only with its products but also with its technological projects.