Storing the Cheese

• Cheesee should be stored at +2- 4 C in a dark place.
• Cheese should be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container or in its original package.
• Cheese should not be stored in a deep freezer.
• If cheese is not to be consumed immediately, it should be stored in its own package. After the package is opened, it should be preserved by placing in a storage box or by wrapping with package materials. Otherwise, cheese shall lose its humidity and its aroma and taste shall decrease.
• White cheese; should be kept in its own brine after the package is opened. This way, it can be stored for a long time without losing its nutritious values and taste. Thus, the aging process of the cheese continues.
• Cheese should be stored without slicing, this way, its contact with the outer environment is minimized and its spoilage risk is reduced.
• Spreadable cream cheese should be kept in its own package and with its cover closed.
• Cheese, except white cheese, are not washed, contact with water causes the taste and aroma of the cheese to decrease.
• Wet the knife while cutting white cheese, this shall enable a smooth cut.