Nature-Friendly Producer

Muratbey, as a company believing in “green production”, had revised the complete system for a more livable world.

We collect 100% of the whey, which is the most harmful output of our sector for the nature, and we give it to our solution partner plants for processing. When whey, of which even a single drop is not released to the nature, mixes into the nature, it harms the plants due to the excess sugar and protein it contains. These substances are fermented in the nature and convert the soil into an infertile desert.

In order to contribute to the protection of our world and soil, Muratbey had established its whey processing plant and its factory side by side. This way, the wastes of one plant are used economically as the raw material of the other one for “a greener world” and are processed immediately.

Muratbey, which is determined to use the most nature-friendly energy systems, uses 100% natural gas in its plants.

The complete discharge of our plant is realized through the extremely modern wastewater treatment plant of our organized industrial zone. Wastewater absolutely does not leak into the underground water resources or the soil.

The wastewater mixes into the nature after the level of cleanliness, in which a fish can easily live, is achieved.

Our packages are all recyclable.

CIP system not only provides the utmost level of hygiene, but also provides 100% water saving and this way our obligations regarding the most economic utilization of global resources, are fulfilled.

For example, in this system preliminary cleaning of the arriving dirty tanker is realized with the rinsing water of the final tanker. In other words, double fold of work is performed with the same volume of water and water wastage is prevented. Our water utilization decreased in half in many of the units owing to our automation system investments.

CIP system, which is established with considerable investment costs, provides not only water saving but also electricity saving.