About Us

With nearly half a century past, Muratbey is known to be among a few firms that has given direction to the development of milk in Turkey with its vast experience. As the innovative and leading cheese trademark of Turkey known to give importance to innovation, Muratbey has access to more than 7 thousand sales points throughout Turkey with its production facility with an indoors area of 30.000 square meters, 300 employees and daily milk processing capacity of approximately 700 tons and its goal is to ensure that more people in our country consume healthy products produced with healthy milk.

Muratbey is holder of HACCP, TSE Compliance, BRC, TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety System Certificates and its production process realized in line with green production criteria is broadcast online via its Web site for 24 hours. Besides that, every second o f the production process is supervised by the food engineers and quality control engineers with the help of 18 surveillance cameras.
Only pasteurized milk is used on the production band of the facility that is cleaned off external factors such as all kinds of bacteria and dust by ultra violet disinfection system also used in the hospitals and milk is bought from selected villages in antibacterial stainless tanks designed in Italy. The external surface of every product including approximately 250 items is scanned by using a specially designed computer program at the final phase of the production process.

Muratbey places great importance to Research-Development activities and contributes to the development of innovative products with high added value in the Turkish industry sector with its advanced systems. The firm makes achievements on behalf of our country by offering its innovative products to the global markets. Muratbey makes exportation to many countries, including USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Egypt, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan and managed to show its trademark on the global tables with its many products.

In the cheese category, most of the firms are engaged in trading of milk products but most of them unfortunately forgot the taste expectations and palatal taste of the consumers at the phase of transforming their products into industrial products.
Traditionally tasting products meet with modern technology in Muratbey by taking care to protect the local tastes and to avoid from the risk of monotony suffered by great cheese enterprises. Different from other great milk products firms, Muratbey produces quality products with modern technology and did not forget the taste expectations of the consumers and proved its claim “There is something real as taste!”.

The well-known and missed unique taste of the cheese as a traditional taste of our dining tables takes life again in Muratbey. Muratbey products produced under modern and hygienic conditions offers our people the real taste of cheese that is about to be forgotten.
Known as the most delicious cheese brand of Turkey, Muratbey makes a good example to its own sector with its methods developed to offer healthy taste to our people.

Milk that is intensified by the clean mountain air of the Anatolia and thousand of herb species and enriched with its natural aroma is let to rest in special resting rooms with stabilized temperatures in order to mature after it is fermented and supported with necessary quantities of salt without adding any additives in Muratbey facilities. In order to prevent air-borne contamination, environmental air is cleaned for 8 times a hour with the ventilation channels spread throughout the plant. The refreshed air is also passed through “ultra violet disinfection” lambs used in the hospitals in order to avoid from all kinds of external factor in advance. This system was put into practices initially in Muratbey facilities and became a good example to other firms operating in the sector.

The real secret of the taste in Muratbey products is the milk whose original taste and odor is preserved. Thus it was first Muratbey that satisfied the first and most important condition of maintaining the superior quality by preserving the miraculous nutritional values of the milk as the raw material of cheese.